Thursday, January 05, 2006

BBC's "Destination Music" features Grey Fox

The premiere of BBC World's new television series, Destination Music, which highlights music festivals around the world, is set to air this weekend in international markets with an in-depth look at last summer's Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. The show is said to include interviews with Sam Bush on "the need to push the boundaries of the bluegrass sound" and Psychograss on their "jazz-like approach to performance."

In subsequent weeks, the show will feature festivals in Morocco, Spain, Ireland, Zanzibar, Mexico, China, India, Norway, and Mali. It is unclear as yet what kind of U.S. distribution of the series will be offered, but careful searchers may be able to find it on their cable or satellite TV systems. We'll keep you posted on future air dates as we learn them.

Update: The program is not airing in the U.S. at this time. However, it is viewable via BBC's online subscription service. A free trial is available here.

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Dave said...

Hi Dan,

I was trying to find this on that BBC page, but wouldn't come through. I played at that Greyfox festival with Julie Lee, we kicked it off that year. Just trying to inflate my own vanity by seeing if there's a picture of me on there with all those big shots.

Dave Talmage
Mill City Ramblers