Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fiddlestix tunes up for Strawberry host duties

Here's a pre-Strawberry report from Sarah Elizabeth Campbell on rehearsals by Fiddlestix, which will be reprising its role as festival host band for Strawberry's anniversary festival, opening on Thursday. Fiddlestix was the Strawberry Festival host band for several years early in the festival's history.

Last night fiddlestix actually did the "R" word. After a few Manhattans we started remembering lyrics, chords, bad jokes. All that good stuff.

Cheryl Cavanagh picked me up in Sac. and we went to Dave's dome to do the "R" word. That was the scene of the crime for many years. High atop Big Hill in Columbia. That was OUR town. The streets were OURS for picking. All the bars liked us and hired us. The bar owner was and still is my best friend. You saw the same faces everyday at the post office the corner mercantile, the Hotel bar and at the St. Charles's saloon. Those were some crazyass days. Great memories to have for years and years.

They recently tore my little house down. First they cut my willow tree down. It made my little house look so sad. Now
its gone completely. I think of all the things that happened there. All the friends that passed through. All the birthdays band meetings -tri tips bbq's and parties. I remember after Strawberry, Fiddlestix would leave Strawberry and stop and see Annie at Ferndale. Then we would go to my house and have a party in the front yard and spilling out into the street. I remember Walter Hyatt standing in the middle of the street looking at this HUGEASS yellow moon hovering at the top of Church Lane. Looked like you could touch it. Just hanging there, like a Christmas ornament.

Walter is gone now. My house is gone now. But Fiddlestix is rearing its crazy head again to once more be your host
band and hopefully make you smile and make some more good memories to save for a rainy day.

Much love from La Grange California-a place that time forgot.

Love , Fiddlestix

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dave said...

Saw on the Walter Hyatt website that he has a new CD coming out in Jan.