Friday, May 11, 2007

Dancin' Dave's Merlefest (part 3)

By Dancin' Dave

I'm finally out of that motel in Asheville and am camped along the French Broad River just out of town....'tis much prettier here! My final Merlefest highlight memories have been replayed in my mind and it was fun to go over the program schedule again, reminding me of some good musical times!

The first and probably the best was the Creekside Stage set with Doc and Jack and T. Michael. I have seen and heard these fellows many many times over these many many years and I still wish I'd get to see them more often! I think they even did three or four songs that I never had heard them play was a super set. I had gone down to the Creekside Stage at 8:30 that morning to set a couple of chairs up that would guarentee good viewing.... (of course, Lynn and I had to sit through a Crooked Still set and a Sierra Hull set while waiting for Doc and Jack and T., but sometimes you have to do what you have to do...>g<

Another highlight was the solo rendition of John Hartford's "Vamp In The Middle" by John's old buddy Tut Taylor, during the festival's opening jam. That was one sweet tribute, Tut!

During the Sunday Crooked Still set on the Americana Stage Aoife O'Donovan announced that there was going to be an impromptu "Sometymes Why" mini-set on vendor row, soon after.... She is part of this group with Kristin Andreassen and Ruth Unger Miranda and I have been hoping and hoping that I'd get to see such a concert someday. Aoife and Kristin are friends and dance partners of mine and I had the priviledge of being the first person to buy the Sometymes Why cd....and I love it. The girls had to borrow instruments for this set....when Kristin asked the crowd if anyone had a "c" harmonica a young man generously offered his to her and when she returned it he claimed that he will never wash it again...>g< This 15 minute set was a sweet sweet treat; totally unexpected, which made it even more special.

The Lovell Sisters are another young group that is a real pleasure to watch and listen to! I first saw them at Greyfox last summer and they are just as cute as they were then. It will be fun to watch them in the coming will the Belleville Outfit; there are just sooo many young hot groups these days!

Of course I missed much great music! The Carolina Chocolate Drops kept getting mentioned by folks, especially my sweet wife Lynn, as being hotter than hot. I tried to see them in the Pit, but the seats were filled before I could nab one. I will catch them at the LEAF festival next weekend.... I didn't get to see Del McCoury or the Jerry Douglas Band; man, how could THAT happen?! (merlefest)

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