Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Nightwatchman press conference at Newport Folk

Of all the performers at Newport Folk Festival this year, none represented the genre's ties to activism and social justice more than The Nightwatchman, the folk-singing alter-ego of rock guitarist Tom Morello. Following his performance, Morello met with reporters backstage to talk about channeling Woody Guthrie, political expression by artists, the contrast of solo work to his role in Rage Against the Machine, and much more.

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Rob J said...

I love the fact that people like Tom Morello exist in music. It's no accident nor surprise that one of the first words out of his mouth were "Joe Strummer" and "The Clash"..if more artists took the time to learn from the past and take up the causes of those who came before, music and the world would be in much better shape!

Thanks for the coverage and the post Dan!

Rob Janicke