Thursday, September 13, 2007

Johnny C Has Heart Problem

The Bluegrass Blog » John Cowan hospitalized: bluegrass music news

Our friends at the Bluegrass Blog have this item about John:

John Cowan hospitalized

posted by John on 09.13.07 @ 8:40 am

John CowanFriends and fans of noted newgrass vocalist John Cowan have long held that he has a heart as big as his voice, but even the heartiest isn’t immune to health concerns.

After experiencing chest pains last Thursday, John was hospitalized where a partial blockage was discovered in one coronary artery. A stent was inserted, and John is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow (9/14).

He will take the next two weeks off to rest and recover at home, but the band will be back fulfilling their busy schedule starting with shows on September 28-29.

We all look forward to seeing John back on the road, and wish him well as he recuperates.

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