Monday, October 29, 2007

Planning a schedule for a busy Vegoose

John Robison

As this year’s Vegoose festival gets ready to tear up the Vegas music scene with indie, rock, hip-hop and more, I have begun to attempt the map out of bands I am putting in the “have to see or die” category. So, Here in a nutshell is the proposed schedule I intend to keep. Of course, you never know what may happen at such an event…

To start the Saturday festivities, I will be checking out the performance by Gogol Bordello. The little bit I have heard from this band has already blindsided me with awesomeness. In fact from, what I have heard and the hype surrounding the band, I think the festival has them misplaced as an opener.

Soon after I plan on checking in with Blonde Redhead. I know very little about this band and that always gets me hyped. Usually when you already love a band you come to watch them with a level of expectancy– of wants and needs, I want the band to play these certain songs, I need the band’s audio to be exactly as I imagine it to be. So, when you see a band you know little to nothing about all your expectations do is take a backseat and be ready to enjoy a new and different sonic buffet for your already noise damaged ears. Then I plan to check out Atmosphere, who I am very, very psyched to see.

I am not a huge fan of rap and hip-hop but do have a good stable of albums and artists I appreciate. Atmosphere to me is like a no joke version of Eminem. His rhymes are powerful and strike home with several messages and I can only expect a outstanding performance. Being in total hip-hop mode at this point I will shuffle over to the Public Enemy performance. Whenever you get a chance to see a group of legends in concert, try not to pass up the opportunity, and how can you not want a personal experience with seeing Flavor Flave up on stage doing his thing, giant clock and all.

From that point I will be enjoying the indie darlings The Shins. I am not a huge fan but as I see it their fans are rabid over them. I need to see first hand what the hype is all about. Will I be converted to the House of Shin? We shall see. Next I had a big decision to make. Queens of the Stone Age or Iggy Pop and the Stooges. I have seen Iggy a long time ago and have never enjoyed the Queens of the Stone Age live, so Queens of the Stone Age win this one out. But why wouldn't festival planners give fans a break by not scheduling those bands at the same time?

Finally, I'll end the night with one of the most anticipated performances of the night with Daft Punk. Not to shabby for a day full of music.

On Sunday, I am much less familiar with most of the afternoon bands so it will be a learning experience. Kicking off the day, I will be in the crowd watching Pharoahe Monch. Sitting tight at the same stage, next up will be a band by the name of Ghostland Observatory. And while waiting with pure excitement for the Muse show to start I will kill some time watching Umphrey’s McGee.

Finally after a day of listless wandering and music experimentation (on my end of course) I will be immersing myself in the hypnotic yet aggressive world of Muse, a band I have been looking forward to seeing for a very, very long time. Ending the night with Rage Against the Machine an oldie but goodie.

And at the end of it all I am sure the massive helping of sun, music and far too expensive beverages will knock the life out of me, leading me off into what is sure to be some very strange dreams.


Anonymous said...

great article!!! I felt like I was attending the concert. Great illustration

Anonymous said...

WOW. This is the first time I actully miss Vegas. Have extra fun for me.. Have u heard of Age oV Reason??