Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bluegrass Dukes tapped for Rocky Grass

Steve Earle's acoustic outfit, The Bluegrass Dukes, typically play just a few dates a year, but the group is now scheduled for two of the "festivals we're watching," Grey Fox and Rocky Grass (where they were announced just today). Usually that means that one or more of the backup musicians (Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Casey Driessen, and Dennis Crouch) will also be on the bill in other configurations. Sure enough, O'Brien will play with his own band and also as a duo with his sister Mollie at Grey Fox, but none of the Bluegrass Dukes is yet named for Rocky Grass as a solo act.

You may remember that the Bluegrass Dukes were assembled on short notice in 1999 after Del McCoury pulled out of a tour with Steve Earle--apparently in reaction to Earle's demeanor onstage. It is true that the country-rock troubador likes to drop some salty language, but his songs and musicianship always go down easy for audiences, especially if they share his left-of-center politics.

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