Thursday, May 04, 2006

David Bromberg's bathroom band

Jim McKelvey on the Festivarian list posted this. If you know the answer, contact Jim at

Did anyone attend the hour and a half David Bromberg set in the
men's bathroom backstage at the Merlefest "Midnight Jam"? I know,
sounds like a joke, but heard it from a witness it really happened.

Understand that David Bromberg and the three female vocalists from
the Angel Band arrived backstage and it was really, really crowded.
Bromberg had the last set at the Watson Stage so he arrived a tad
late to the midnight jam.

David Bromberg and the Angel Band members all ducked into the men's
bathroom to rehearse. Hearing how good it sounded Gillian Welch &
David Rawlings joined them. Bromberg, Welch & Rawlings played out
at Telluride last year and I think they've got sort of a mutual
admiration society going now when they play at festivals together.

It is a large enough backstage bathroom at the Walker Center to
remain fully functional, too. People came in and went, so to speak.

Was told by someone who attended the "bathroom" jam session that it
went on for nearly an hour and a half. Members of Nickel Creek
floated in and out as did others. Some played but others just came
in to use the facilities and left because it also got too crowded.

So, when it came time for their time slot the MC introduced them as
David Bromberg and the Bathroom Band. Sure would be a great idea
for David Bromberg to be the host of the Midnight Jam next
year...Nickel Creek got the honor this year.

Does anyone have a set list for the bathroom sessions? Sure would
be cool if MVYRadio recorded the long set in the bathroom.

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