Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random access MerleFest memories

Having just finished my first MerleFest, I know a lot about how to do it better next time--most importantly securing Internet access for live reports. Lots of other folks were blogging. I've featured Hickory Wind and Americana Roots in the Live Roots Music feed at FestivalPreview.com.

The very best coverage was done by Martha's Vineyard Radio, which along with its live broadcasts, presented a well written journal with three or four posts a day. I'll do a featured item on MVY later, but don't hestitate to go there now for its streaming audio archive of about 25 MerleFest performances. I'm using it to listen to artists I missed because of schedule conflicts.

For here, since I'm not being timely, I'll be posting snippets about things I observed and the people I met, in no particular order. First up is The Biscuit Burners.

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