Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bluegrass in the blogosphere

This blog covers the world of bluegrass through the lens of music festivals, but for the last year the bluegrass community has enjoyed direct daily news and perspectives in The Bluegrass Blog, which has begun to make an impact in the genre's media market.

In a field where two monthly magazines have previously been the main media, The Bluegrass Blog's promise to "deliver news at the speed of bluegrass" is a significant development. (Festival Preview subscribes to the blog's RSS feed, so our readers are already familiar with The Bluegrass Blog's festival coverage.)

Yesterday I sat down with one of The Bluegrass Blog's two proprietors, Brance Gillihan, for a lively discussion about the growing interest in Internet communications in the bluegrass community and about trends in the music itself. I won't get around to writing up the interview until next week, but in the meantime be sure to check the blog's coverage of this week's events, especially tonight's awards show, which Brance and his partner John Lawless will be covering live.

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