Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dancin' Dave at MagFest, part 2

For me whenever Sam Bush is on a festival lineup I'm pretty sure that that will be my favorite set; and he didn't disappoint once again! He really cracked me up this time....some customers of mine were talking about our musical tastes earlier in the day, and when they asked me if I was a Led Zepplin fan I had to admit that yes indeed, I had bought their two first albums. (after that I lost interest).

Anyhoo, at the end of the set Sam and the boys got into an extended jam that included all sorts of musical tidbits, including a tune from one of those two albums...I think it is called "Gotta whole Lotta Love". or something to that effect. I recognized the tune right away, of course, and we sure had fun laughing about that after the show. Byron House sure did a stunning vocal renditon. Sam is the Man...

I also was blown away by the Waybacks again. To me they are about the hottest band out there and I can't wait to hear and watch them as much as I can. Superb musicianship, superb stage presence and they all are nice fellows besides....a great combination.

The Greencards are also one of my favorite groups at the moment. I loved their sets and hope that they are at all of the festivals I go to next year. If anyone is not familiar with them I can highly recommend that you check them out. Very high energy progressive bluegrass, with amazing musicianship.

This was my first time seeing Old School Freight Train. I was aware that they were doin' gigs with David Grisman so I figured they had to be talented....and I was right. I was going to purchase a cd of theirs but got waylayed on the way to the cd table and forgot to get un-waylayed. I will be checking out their website.

First time also for the Steep Canyon Rangers. I know that they've been at some of the same festivals I've been to, but the timing apparently wasn't right for me to check them out. What a great bluegrass band! Now I know not to pass them up again.

The Duhks were hot, Tony Furtado is always a treat, and of course Peter Rowan and Tony Rice with Bryn Davies and Sharon Gilchrist are always sweet. The Bluegrass Jam headed up by Peter on Sunday was a highlight also. And Donna the Buffalo with lots of guests closed the Magfest in an uproarious fashion on Sunday.

It was a great festival, with great weather and great old and new friends and it was a wonderful capper to a great festival season! Can't wait to start all over in 2007....>g<

And the definite highlight of the Magfest was the phone call I got on Friday morning from my lovely daughter Erica, telling me that I'm going to be a Grandpa again!
Peace, David

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