Saturday, October 07, 2006

Strictly speaking, hardly possible

Okay the big weekend is here, before I'm entirely prepared. I hoped to get organized and out the door by 9 to be able to set up a tarp and some chairs at the Rooster Stage. For me Rooster is the most strategic for chair placement. Because it sits between two hills, it's the hardest crowd to work your way forward in.

My plan for tomorrow is as follows, which will undoubtedly not turn out exactly as planned. My most anticipated set is up at noon on the Rooster stage, Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Austin's Claratin couple. I've never seen either of them except on the allergy medicine commercials. Robison is the promising singer-songwriter who wrote Travelin' Soldier for the Dixie Chick. A few years ago, Kelly Willis was the hot newcomer on the Austin scene.

After that, I'll make a quick stop at Arrow for the beginning of Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands. I got a chance to chat with Laurie in Nashville last week and caught one of her showcases, so I want to see her again. Then it's back to the Rooster setup for Todd Snider, who I have come to love since seeing him here last year and again in Austin in March.

Somebody in my extended party will be happy to take my Rooster seats next for the songwriter circle with Guy Clark following. I'll take this chance to check out some of the newer bluegrass bands back on Arrow--the Pine Leaf Boys and Chatham County Line, who I 've seen before. Then I'll make my first visit to ths Star Stage for the end of old-favorite Austin Lounge Lizards and the beginning of T Bone Burnett's electric set. T Bone is one of the stories of the festival, with an electric and a bluegrass set, plus a duo appearance with Elvis Costello.

There are so many good choices next but I've decided it should be Billy Bragg, which will be a first for me, instead of Gillian or Jerry Douglas. Actually, if I can squeeze in one more, I'd sure like to catch some of Doyle Lawson's bluegrass gospel. Then I'll finish with Steve Earle's Bluegrass Dukes, who I've seen quite a bit and never get tired of.

I'll post what I can tomorrow night, before an even more jam-packed Sunday. Good night.

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