Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bryn Davies Joins Patty Griffin

Long time bassist & vocalist with Peter Rowan, Bryn Davies has moved on to back up Patty Griffin.

Sunday, January 28, 2007 Change of pace I just finished my second week with Patty Griffin. I'm so excited about the coming year! I've loved her music for years and having the opportunity to play with her is so wonderful. I'm going to miss Peter, Tony and Sharon soooo much, but a good change of pace never hurt anyone. I'm just sad that this opportunity presented itself right when we have a new record out. Anyway, the band is great. Doug Lancio on guitar, and Michael Longoria on percussion. My job seems so effortless! I forgot how much easier it is to play with drums. Patty is great as well. She has great rhythm and her voice! My lord. I get to hear her angelic voice every night! What a treat. I'm really going to miss all my friends this year. Bluegrass is such a great, tight-knit community. I've loved being a part of that for the last 8 years, but it's time to move on. Onward into the great unknown pop world. It looks like it's going to be really fun...

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Dan Ruby said...

Rowan was going out of his way to feature the distaff members of his band, Bryn and Sharon Gilchrist, on the latest release "Quartet." This is more than just losing a bass player. I wonder who they will get?

I've been hearing lots of spins for one cut off the new album, a soulful cover of the Townes Van Zandt classic "To Live Is to Fly." Maybe it was time for Bryn to spread her wings.

Also, have you noticed that Tony Rice is set for a series of high-profile gigs with Alison Krauss this spring?

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Bryn last year at MerleFest - seems like she was playing with everybody I saw.

Tonight I saw Patty open her tour in Tucson, and recognized Bryn as soon as she hit the stage. Lovely show. Great band!