Monday, March 26, 2007

Free Sounds of Springfest - Joe Craven, Gans and Ollabelle

If there were an MVP award for Springfest this year, it would have to go to Joe Craven. Joe played maybe a dozen sets this past weekend and supplied mouth percussion, drumming on everything from a chair to a variety of boxes (no ladders this time) and soloed beautifully on mandolin and fiddle.

You can hear a beautiful duet between Joe and David Gans on David's "Quarter to Five (for Tina Loney)" here. The studio version of this song appears on his new CD "Twisted Love Songs".

You'll also find another treat from the fest on the same page, part of the David Gans and Friends late night set with Ollabelle where they covered Neil Young and Grateful Dead tunes beautifully. This is David's "Audio Treats" page. His complete shows are available here though the full Suwannee Springfest sets probably won't appear for a while.


Dan Ruby said...

Wow, is that a real photo of Joe Craven, and if so what's he wearing? Your item reminds me that I chatted with Joe at Wintergrass last month and that I want to get an item posted about it. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

decaturcomp said...

An altered photo, by the look of it, from his website. He's a great guy and really held one set together. In the Duhks main stage slot, Tania Elizabeth, their splendid fiddler/vocalist and their pal Dan Frechette played a set of Dan's songs. Joe's percussion was key to holding the music together. Dan really grew on folks I spoke to over the weekend by the way. Oh and Leondard, Jordan and Tania Elizabeth all appear on his newest record:

Dan Ruby said...

Ah, so the Duhks did arrive for the latter part of the festival. What comments did they make about Jessica leaving? Also, the Turtle Duhks was something I didn't know about before. Was the Frechette thing related to the Turtle Duhks?

decaturcomp said...

Not really any Duhks except Tania Elizabeth their fiddler/vocalist. I only mentioned the Duhks main stage slot because that is where they were supposed to be had they shown.

Tania, Frechette and Joe Craven filled the slot.

Turtle Duhks have an album due this summer thats in the can already.