Monday, March 26, 2007

Ron Thomason goes out on a (dry) limb

Anyone who has enjoyed the hillbilly bluegrass of Dry Branch Fire Squad is familiar with the humorous anecdotes that front man Ron Thomason doles out while introducing songs. His deadpan story-telling is nothing if not convoluted, and so are the written rants he has been dispensing on the group's web site. More so than on stage, these installments are apt to veer off into political commentary, which can be interesting since his views are all over the map. See for yourself.

And if you enjoy Thomason's homespun humor or his old-timey music, you can get your fill when DBFS serves as host band at its own High Mountain Hay Fever Festival and at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, both in July. The band also has a full slate of other festival appearances this summer, including the Strawberry Music Festival Labor Day weekend.

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