Friday, April 27, 2007

MerleFest—Thursday night

MerleFest kicked off Thursday afternoon and evening with main-stage sets from the Steep Canyon Rangers, Waybacks, John Cowan Band, Cherryholmes, and a kickoff jam featuring Cowan, Uncle Earl, Pete Wernick and others.

Our bloggers on site are sending in photos and reports as they are able to snag Internet connections. We'll post things here as they come in and update as the festival moves along. This first batch of photos comes from LuAnna Peck with some commentary by her and by Abduhl Mashoon.

The Steep Canyon Rangers came on stage fully decked out in slacks, nice shirts and ties, the whole package. I had not been familiar with their music but thoroughly enjoyed it. The band was weighted perfectly, allowed each member to showcase their musical ability without taking away from the whole. They kicked off the set with an energetic number and never let up, except to intersperse some stirring gospel and even a capella. Humorous banter filled the time between songs.—AM

Merlefest loves the Waybacks! Another excellent performance by my favorite band. Enough old stuff and enough new stuff to satisfy us all...and even a Grateful Dean piece for the people who may have been sad that they didn't have Bob [Weir] with them this year. The only disappointment is that the set had to end!—LP

Ridiculous virtuosity by James Nash (right) and Warren Hood are a highlight of the Waybacks' act. The band used their late afternoon one-hour set to try out a lot of new material. They'll be back on stage Friday and Saturday, so stay tuned for more recognizable tunes and possibly some special guests on stage.—AM

[Sandy Lee (left) and Cia Cherryholmes]


Anonymous said...

My group, The Flowers Family Band, opened for Cherryholmes that night at MerleFest on the Cabin Stage. That was a lot of fun, and that's one band that cannot be outdone. They're AWESOME!!! I got to see them at SC State's Bluegrass Festival and talked with them a while there, too.

Alana Flowers said...

My name is Alana Flowers ('anonymous'), and my band's website is Check it out, and if you have an event you could use us for contact us!!!