Monday, April 30, 2007

New Grass players on one stage at Merlefest

By Dancin' Dave

Merlefest 2007 is history and it was history-making in my view! Since 1989, I have been waiting for a New Grass Revival reunion of any sort, and it finally happened, sort of, during the 20th Anniversary Jam at Merlefest Friday evening. Sam Bush was the jam host and many of the artists in attendence had joined in, when all of a sudden Sam introduced John Cowan and Pat Flynn. I turned to Lynn and exclaimed: "If Bela rejoins the jam I just may start crying........"

Sure enough, Bela rejoined and Sam responded to a call from an audience member who yelled "New Grass Revival..!" by announcing: "Well, a matter of fact we're about to play an old New Grass song." He introduced the "White Freightliner Blues", and I thought I was dreaming. As the song started, Sam and Bela and John and Pat kind of made their way to the middle of the jam and the lights kind of started focusing on them and my dream started coming true! Sam and John nailed the vocals and they all of course nailed the solos.

Never mind that the stage also held Stuart Duncan, John McEuen, Peter Rowan, Bryan Sutton, etc.......that was the closest I've been to an actual NGR reunion and I was definitely having a magical musical moment.


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