Friday, May 02, 2008

Michigan Mountain festivals cancelled for '08

Citing financing issues with its festival venue property, Silver Ridge Music Festivals announced cancellation of the two festivals—Mountain Country Festival and Mountain Rock Festival—it had scheduled this summer in Farwell MI.

Silver Ridge had run a successful debuts for the two festivals last year at the former ski resort after making significant property improvements including a main stage amphitheater. A second stage was under construction for this year, and partial lineups including headline performers had already been announced.

Details of the financial problems are sketchy. Here is the full text of the announcement at the Silver Ridge site: "The 2008 Mt Country Music Festival has been postponed for this season. Please stand by for further information. All of us at Silver Ridge are committed to restructuring the financial affairs of our venue just as soon as possible. We believe at this point in time it will take a minimum of at least 60 days.....possibly more. We understand this is a frustrating experience for ticket holders vendors, bands, and media alike. The management of Silver Ridge is committed on a bi-weekly basis in providing updates to the general public as to how this process is proceeding. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and ask for your continued cooperation and patience as we work through this process."

While the cancellation does not seem to be related to ticket sales, it does clear the calendar of competing regional rock events. The big new Rothbury festival takes place two weeks earlier and 100 miles away from Mountain Rock.

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