Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strawberry Spring latest 2008 fest to get soaked

Attendees at last weekend's Spring Strawberry Music Festival are remembering this year's event as "Drizzleberry." The event offered some great musical moments, according to posters on the festival's email list, but many fans missed them while seeking refuge from the coldest and wettest Strawberry festival in recent memory.

Strawberry is just the latest 2008 festival that has offered less than hospitable weather. Among other wetter-than-usual events so far this year were Langerado, MerleFest, New Orleans Jazzfest and Lake Eden Arts Festival.

Weather is always an unpredictable factor at outdoor music festivals. Experienced attendees come prepared for possible storms, and festival audiences are notoriously good at shrugging off bad weather and letting the show go on.

That said, 2008 is off to a particularly stormy start. Festival producers are protected by the "rain or shine" policy that most adopt, but with so many big new events on the docket for this summer, promoters, artists and fans alike are hoping for blue skies ahead.


Christi said...

Where is the Strawberry Spring Music Festival located?

Anonymous said...

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