Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grey Fox finds its farm

The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival has a new home in Greene County, New York, across the Hudson and 45 miles from its old location. The festival announced it had reached an agreement to hold the 32-year-old event on the Walsh Farm, also known as the Poultney Farm, in Oak Hill NY.

The 236 acre site is said to be well suited for a festival--relatively flat with open fields and some woodlands, bordered on one side by Catskill Creek. In the announcement, festival spokesperson Mary Burdette also noted that the land parcel "is shaped like a mandolin."

Excited Grey Fox patrons spent the day looking at Internet mapping programs to get the lay of the land (see above). Overall, the reviews among festival regulars were mostly positive. The new location is still within easy range of Boston, New York and is an hour closer for anyone coming from the west. Logistics are likely to be easier in a level location.

Though just a county away, there will be differences. The festival was begun as the Berkshire Mountain Bluegrass Festival and has always identified with that mountain range. The view from the old festival site was westward to the Catskill Mountains in the distance. Now the new site is in the shadow of those same Catskills.

In its announcement, the festival noted that Greene County is known for its Irish and Celtic culture. Bluegrass music, of course, is based in large measure on the music of the British Isles.

The announcement puts the focus back on producing a 2008 festival this July 17-20. Sam Bush was added as a Saturday closer to boost an already strong lineup. Musically, the most anticipated performance of the festival is sure to be the 30th anniversary reunion of Hot Rize.


Tino said...

Anyone else EXCITED about this?

Change is a GOOD thing, people!?

ccmhats said...

We had been wishing for an on-site swimming/wading opportunity, anyway...

This could be AMAZING for those really hot years...

Gina said...

i love grey fox no matter where it is, but yay for the creek!