Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kellybeez at Cayamo: Tuesday

Tuesday, February 5
The full report is here. Excepts below.
Getting around the ship on Day 2 of the ultimate roots music cruise:

Just can't get anywhere on this big boat without running into a musician. I started out to the Internet café to tell you more about the Dewayn Brothers. All I had to do was walk down 2 floors, cut through the casino (go figure), then down another floor to the Ionian Room, where in the back, behind the wizard's blackout curtains lay the connections to the ethereal e-world. You would think I could do this successfully. Ha!

Well, let me see. First, I run across Ari Hest, highly recommended by many of the Cayamo forum participants. Except here he's performing on an amped acoustic with his electric guitar player, without the balance of his band. Why does this man need a band, I'm thinking, as he announces his next performance on the Lido deck Thursday night with full regalia. This sounds deep and rich and full without any other accompaniment. No personal offense to the electric dude, but Ari doesn't need you in this venue. Ever the critic is moi, but truly, the source is evident in Heist's solo output.

Then - I've been holding out on you – I run across Russ Kunkle in the hallway. He's with Lyle Lovett this time around, and I wasn't able to get an unobstructed shot of him last night. Today, there's a decent shot, but being the ultimate percussionist that he is, of course he's hidden by mikes and the other musicians who stand up when they play.

Last night, Theresa from Nashville said at Lyle's show, "That's Russ effing Kunkle! Russ effing Kunkle! I don't believe it!" I wonder if effing is Russ' real middle name.

A different Duhks configuration:
Tim and Jan from Winnipeg came to Cayamo because of Patti Griffin, but they are long-time Duhks fans and gave me the heads up the the band's status. The banjo player had a "passport incident" and couldn't board with the rest of the band, but the compensation just about makes up for the - the original drummer joins the group, now composed of 2 percussionists, one blasting guitar player, a fiddlin' chick that wails a good vocal and the lead singer, who's voice takes up about two instruments worth of sound.

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Crazypatch said...

Wow how cool. Great pictures and fantastic reveiw. You have some serious self-discipline not to stop and listen everytime. I would get so side tracked, I'ld never get anything done. Talk about a trip of a lifetime, that would be so fun to do. I have found alot of good music because of you. Girl the music is just great. Thanks for sharing it.