Friday, April 28, 2006

Blogging from MerleFest will be limited

Internet access at MerleFest is much more difficult than I'd been led to believe. I'm on briefly now, but won't have time to share much now.

For gossip-lovers, here's one tidbit from the roots romance line. Reminding the audience of Casey Driessen public proposal to his wife during last year's festival, Jim Lauderdale announced his engagement to Bryn Davies, formerly Bryn Bright, who seems to be everywhere these days. Last night, she was one of the Lauderdale Bluegrass Band, along with Randy Koors and others.

The other Thursday night highlight was John Prine, who said he "started backwards," delighting the audience by opening the set with "Paradise," "Angel From Montgomery," and "Sam Stone," all from his first record from 1972.

More later...if I can.

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