Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Skydancing with Peter Rowan

I made too much about reggaebilly in my Peter Rowan's Skydancer Trio in the program bio. (Yes, I wrote the artist bios that appeared in the official festival program.) The trio is mandolin-vocalist Sharon Gilchrist from the Rowan-Rice quartet and percussionist Jeff Hogan.

They played mostly the familiar Rowan repertoire, but with a perhaps more of a world rhythm to it. Midnight Moonlight, Land of the Navaho, and Panama Red from Old & In the Way, Roanoke, White Dove, and Walls of Time from the Monroe years. And they did close with No Woman, No Cry, so maybe it was reggaebilly after all.

Later in the festival, after a set by the full Peter Rowan-Tony Rice Quartet, I got a chance to sit down with Peter Rowan for a chat, which I'll be blogging about later.

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