Saturday, June 17, 2006

From the pit

They are about to annoounce the winners in the band competition. I've brought my poweerbook out into the pit. I think the connection is live.

Poor Man's act didn't sell for the judges--4th place, $100 and strings. Thanks for playing. Voted off the island. Next in third, Widow Maker. Good try for Festivarians making it to the finals.

And now, in second place...Boulder Acoustic Society ..That means the winner is..GREEN SKY from Kalamazzo MI. Thanks for the kazoos. See you next year.

I thought it was a fair result. Green Grass and Boulder were definitely the two.I think Boulder may have suffered from the local effect, in which local bands are discounted just becasue they are local.Boulder also worked the Town Park constituency, having played in several campground shows this week. They also paid tribute to the Town Park crowd in their comments.

Not for those reasons, but objectively, I would have given the nod to the throwback jug band, Boulder Acoustic Socuettm byt Green Sky was certainly a worthy winner as well.

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