Sunday, June 18, 2006

Home stretch

Tim O'Brien is off after a wonderful set and we're getting ready for a night of Nickel Creek, John Prine, and Barenaked Ladies.

I actually kept notes during Tim's set, except I missed the end of it. Highlights for me was "California Blues," the Jimmie Rodgers song, "Sail Away" from Randy Newman, and all the material from Fiddlers Green and Cornbread Nation.

Too bad Del McCoury wasn't available as Tim had hoped to sing his hilarious "Running Out of Memory for You," which is all about technology gone bad. "My favorite is when Del sings 'function,'" he said.

Danny Barnes took the lead with an rollicking "Get Me Out of Jail." The band also had Casey Driessen's tasty fiddle, Kenny Malone's percussion and Mike Bubb on fiddle. Is that a first for me, seeing Bubb playing with O'Brien. I think so. Maybe this is the same band billed at Grey Fox as Cornbread Nation--with drums and occasional Barnes electric guitar.

Joel O'Brien clogged and hamboned as we have seen before. "This is what happens when your kid asks for drums for Christmas and you don't give it to him," Tim said.

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