Sunday, June 18, 2006

Green Sky upset

Here's a catchup post from Saturday, an interview with Band Competition winner Green Sky Bluegrass. The news angle is that the band was not even in the competition until Friday morning. They knew the drill having competed two years ago. It is not unusual for one or more of the selected bands to fail to show up. Taking a chance on that, the band drove overnight from Crested Butte to show up in time for the preliminary round. Sure enough, the contest was three short and a group of willing volunteers from Kalamazoo MI was quickly added to the program.

"We got a slot and it ended up working out," said Paul Hoffman, the mandolinist. Then he admitted it wasn't all a fluke. The group is touring all around Colorado this month, and has a Monday night gig at Telluride's Fly Me to the Moon Saloon.

"We decided to take the weekend and just enjoy the festival," Hoffman said. "Anybody you'd be playing to in Colorado this weekend is here anyway."

The all-acoustic band with great original songs is getting ready to release its new album produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth and will be touring in Colorado and California again this fall. It also has an early date on its 2007 schedule, the Telluride slot reserved each year for the winner of the previous year's band competition.


Anonymous said...

Who would ever guess that a bluegrass band east of the Mason Dixon line, let alone from West Michigan, would win this prestigious award. But the guys in Greensky Bluegrass deserve the recognition. They have been working incredibly hard the past 5+ years, working day jobs to feed their real passion, music! They love sharing with the crowd and we are happy to be on the receiving end. There will be a lot of their fans, especially from Michigan, in Telluride next year to watch them perform on the main stage. Congrats, guys, on well deserved win!

Anonymous said...

"East" of the Mason-Dixon line?????