Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hit & Run at Elk's Park

That was about what I did--hit and run. I wanted to preview Hit & Run Bluegrass because they'll be at Grey Fox next month. Here at Telluride, they are on the workshop stage only so I took the six-block walk to catch a few songs. I arrived just as they lead singer Rebecca Hoggan broke into their hit "Any Day Woman," a really great contemporary bluegrass tune. The band showcased new dobro player, David Richey, on a vocal. There is also a new bassist replacing Erin Coates, who is playing with Uncle Earl this summer.

Overall, for my short three-song drop-in on their set, I was impressed with Hit & Run Bluegrass. They are maybe not at the same level of The Biscuit Burners but they have a somewhat similar sound.

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