Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shawn Camp onstage

Second song is Love Crazy from Fijreball. Shwwn says first Telluride, very happy to be here.

Third song is ragtimey I don't recognize. Mike Compton solos and is introduced. Don't give me no sugar, baby, I'm already sweet on you.

continental luggage lost his luggage, but guitar just arrived. he is wearing wlmart stage attire.

wating for the day to break, it is his video that is getting some play on GAC.Band rocks out. Bryn really thumpting that bass.

Hot wire. lHonky tonk. That hot-wired woman hot-wired my heart.

He introduces bassist someone you probbly know, Bryn Bright. She corrected him, it's Bryn Davies. Shawn apologtizes and then interdocues song co-written with Jim Lauderdale, who happens to be Bryn's current fiancee. Tomorrow ain't no trouble now.
I really like Camp as a throwback country crooner. With his curly hair and yes-maam manner, he has more than a little of Elvis in him.

rabbit hunting with jimmy martin. Beagle hound has Jimmy Martin's foice yelling at the beagle.

ballad footloose lad ran of with the circus, trapeze girl had just broken up with the clownorgan grinder sound. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllimitating kazoo is cheper than flying an organ to telluride. goodbye, cruel circus, I'm off to join the world. True story, o=folks.

The way it is is the way it iwas. The way it was is the way it's gonna be again.

Brand new shoe's they're hurting me. wil the lord recognize him without his overalls and mule. that aint the grandpa that I know. I won't commit this day to memory. All I see is a cold dark hole.

Sis Draper. How it came about. first of many about sis and charactgers in my family. Magnolia Wind is a response to Sis Draper.

Josh Turner's hit Will You Go With Me, Shawn wrote it and here it is.

Soldier's Joy is the other one in the Sis Draper suite. civil war song. give me some of the soldiers joy, you know what i mean. bear down on that fiddle, son. or is it the hacksaw?

I'll post now and carry on in the next one.

Not before mentioning Traveling Teardrop Blues is on now. When he wrote it he dreamed of hearing Del McCoury sing it. Dream came true.

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