Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday morning

Linda Tillery's Cultural Heritage Choir, from my hometown of Oakland CA, is onstage now in a jazzy gospel set, appropriate for Sunday morning. Following on Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings amazing set last night, there's a nice blues-R&B mini trend in the Telluride program, and it seems to work well with this open-minded audience. The little-known Dap Kings certainly opened some eyes last night.

I caught most of the Mike Marshall-Edgar Meyer set earlier today. A virtuoistic tour through jazz, classical, choro, fiddle tunes filtered through "the harmonic specturm between the bass and mandolin," as Marshall described it. The titles for the original compositions seemed to follow a theme: Green Slime, Flight of the Fly, and something about frogs. There was a great jazzy piece with crowd participation yelling out the title, "Bananas."

Like many of the artists here, Marshall paid tribute to the festival and his long association. "We love playing here. There isn't a hipper music audience in the world," he said.

Tillery is introducing a Alfred Brumley song. Mike Marshall is on stage. She says nice to have some hometown support--Marshall is also from Oakland. Then they fly into "I'll Fly Away."

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