Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sam from the pit

It's late in the set, Sam hard into The River Take Me, and I'm in the pit and can see the screen for a change, but my fingers are freezing. Brain dump on earlier moments: Julie Miller song, his New Orleans-inspired I Want to Do Right, then the Randy Newman Have Pity on the Workingman, a fun instrumental Bananas,

The band includes Scott Vestal banjo and Byron House bass. The guitar player is new this year and this is his first Telluride. I didn't catch drummer's name, but Sam made a big deal about him.

He just explained his medical emergency on Thursday. Chest pains. Was rushed to Mercy Hospital. "There's nothing like riding in an ambulance listening to KOTO and hearing Bonnie Raitt calling you to the stage," he said. Everlything checked out fine. Thanks to the emergency crew and to the hospital nurses and docs. Two of the nurses are here tonight.

Back in the Good Old Days, second John Hartford song, remembers all the greats who aren't with us anymore. Long list with Charles Sawtelle and most recently Vassar Clements. A lot of good people done passed and gone. Fiddle solo is spacey, to show jam banders he knows how? There was a jammy number early in the set too.

Now a jazz fusion thing with Sam bowing very fast. He tahnks his road manager and sound man, and special thanks to Planet Bluegrass. Huge applause. No other festival like it, he says.

Dog drinking water in 7/4 time. Ozzie the dog. Pastor Mustard leads a parade of people around stage, while band rips into high-energy rock 'n roll. All the stops are out on his electric mando.

Chris Brown and drums of renown, steven mogen on guitars. waiting now for encore.

Peter Rowan comes out, Drew Emmitt, Yonder Mountain, pretty crowded on stage. Lots of friends but not lot of time. Just do one tune. Pedro. we met in 64 at the ryman, he was playing with mr. bill monroe. waht its all about--we're going to jam

roll in my sweet babys arms. lay around the shack. drew first, peter sings another verse, Jeff is next. adam from yonder, then vestal, electric guitar from emmitt band, house on bass, then three way mando madness with sam, drew and jeff, great encore.

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