Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Packing for Telluride

There are regulars who set up camp in Telluride's Town Park campground two weeks prior to the 4 day festival.

2 weeks.

As you might expect, a tradition of events has grown along with this acoustic community. There are particular annual events that occur under the coordination of the Mayor, "Telluride Tom" Heidger. BBQ oysters, rum balls, the slide show of last year's fest, and the Free Box Fashion Show (which involves trips to Telluride's version of the United Way) are of an alcoholic potential, accompanied by epic pickaramas by some of the best amateur musicians you'll ever hear, as well as drive-by pros looking for a good pickin' circle. And much of this takes place well before the other 9,900 ticket-holders arrive.

Bonding is inevitable among the Festival regulars, many of whom have been in attendance 25 consecutive years or more. A kind of folklore about the Town Park camping community has arisen, much of it documented in the correspondance of the Festivarian email list, which has, over the years, nurtured the bonds created every June.

This year a campground regular, James Buchanan, composed a fluid guitar piece called, "Packing for Telluride." You can hear it here. Festivarians will certainly recognize themselves.

Dan & I will be in Telluride next week. Since I'm a veteran condoid, we'll be able to keep laptops and cameras charged. There won't be any WiFi in the fest this year, but we'll think of something.

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