Saturday, June 17, 2006

Land rush

We're underway Saturday morning with the band contest in the second act, Widowmaker, from Calgary. Just before, I was situated with my camera to document the gate opening. Never have I seen hippies run so fast. Something like the running of the bulls. Look forward to that photo sequence to be posted later.

Back to the stage. Poor Man's Whiskey was a hoot in 40s getup and some very clean bluegrass. I'm rating them a 9. Widow Maker is sincere and folksy. I watched their third song and liked it a lot. I rate them a notch under, at 8.8.

Green Sky Bluegrass didn't have the shtick other than what-an-honor-to-play-on-this-stage humility. But they have some great chops and original songs. I like them a lot and have them about equal to PMW going into the last set. The door is open for the Boulder Acoustic Society.

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