Monday, July 17, 2006

Birthday on the hill

It's post festival now--I'm in a motel near Albany with plans to do a family history tour upstate with my brother for the next few days. Reviewing Zen Curmudgeon's great post about High Mountain Hay Fever (I didn't realize Dry Branch had hosting duties two consecutive weeks--no wonder Ron looked so tired by the end of Grey Fox), I realize that I haven't posted any of my photography from the festival.

Here's a small tease, the Saturday evening birthday ceremony celebrating 30 years on the hill. As Mary Doub is quick to point out, that is not 30 years of Grey Fox, but consecutive years of one festival or another (Berkshire Mountain Bluegrass, Winterhawk, and Grey Fox) on the Rothvoss Farm.

In the photo, that's Tim O'Brien, Kit Swaggert O'Brien, Ron Thomason, Mary Doub, and Mary Burdette, left to right.

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