Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday night

Well, I had a nice afternoon and early evening showing my brother and his girlfriend around. The flip side of that is that my blogging went dark for about six hours. Maybe I'll reconstruct it later--I have notes from the Grey Fox memories workshop that I'll definitely what to post. But now I'm back on it with Mountain Heart on stage. I did catch about half of Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, including the final three or four songs.

Ricky talked about his history on the hill and quibbled with the date assigned to him in the first appearances listing in the program. Boone Creek played here in 1976, he said.

When Ricky does Monroe songs like Uncle Pen and Beautiful Kentucky Rose, I don't think there is a better bluegrass band out there. The Grey Fox audience recognized it, too, returning the love that Ricky was sending out.

I'm going to see some of Mountain Heart up close and personal to see how they grab me. When I last saw them in Tacoma, I thought they had great instrumental chops, but wasn't sure I got their identity as a band. Of course, I'm most excited about the Steve Earle set coming next. I'll certainly be ringside for that.

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