Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday night is hopping

After the dramatic sunset, there was an even better moonrise coming up over the ridge about 45 minutes later. Not quite full, but enough to get the crowd juiced, especially once Railroad Earth came on to close out the night. They play standard bluegrass instruments except for the drums, but they're plugged in and the sound is very Dead-like. I got out of the VIP pit to get the feel for the crowd. The dancers have taken over the front 10 rows or so. Feels like a Dead show too. My favorite song so far was the somewhat obscure Band number Canadian Driftwood, which I hadn't heard for years.

Earlier, I kept track of the set list for the Austin Lounge Lizards, since I like these guys a lot and this is the third time I've seen them this year. Here it is:

1. Hey Little Minivan
2. Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mother on Drugs
3. Can I Have All Your Stuff When You're Dead
4. Old Blevins
5. Stupid Texas Song
6. The Dogs, They Really Miss You
7. Leonard Cohen is Working a Day Job, They Say
8. My One God's the One
9. 80 Hillbillies in a Haunted House
10. German Rap
11. Buenos Dios Budweiser
12. The Drugs I Need
13. Go Ahead and Die

A couple of those may not be the right names. They are all funny and the stage shtick is a lot of fun. I forgot how much the new guy, Koryy Simeone adds a new dimension with his manic fiddle and mandolin playing, not to mention the talent for rapping in German.

Earlier, Tim and Mollie O'Brien offered a folkie set that set the table for lots more Tim throughout the weekend. I also hope to get him for a chat maybe tomrrow. As I mentioned earlier, Uncle Earl was delightful with lots of new matierial. I got closeup photos of all their shoes, which I may be able to post tomorrow as a quiz.

That's all for Day 1. Even though its geogrpahy can't compare to a Telluride or Strawberry, Grey Fox is quickly becoming a favorite festival for me. I'm set up in a group camp with Chris Shuler, who I met here last year. It's about a three minute walk from my tent to the main stage. Then I have a cozier relationship with the management here than anywhere else, my early banding problem notwithstanding. The blogging facilities are limited compared with Telluride, but it seems like I'm able to get possission of the single available Ethernet line without too much trouble.

Bye for now. See you on Friday.

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