Thursday, July 13, 2006

On the scene at Grey Fox

Well, it took several hours of hassling over backstage access but I'm now set up on a hardwired Ethernet link backstage at the Grey Fox Festival. It's now 5 pm and there has already been a lot of great music--though I haven't seen a lot of it. Up-and-coming bluegrass bands--Hit & Run Bluegrass and Cadillac Sky--had the first two sets.

The mist was briefly more like rain for the half of the Cadillac set I saw. No matter. I have my nice rain shell. I'm always amazed how unphased Grey Foxers are by rain. For anyone on the fence for tomorrow or the weekend, don't worry about the weather. They say there will be plenty of sun ahead. Anyway, Cadillac put on a fine set for the hardy crowd.

I missed Hot Buttered Rum and most of Chatham County line (from my blogging post, I can't hear the stage well). I did see Ron Thomason's opening workshop and I'll have some things to say on that later. Right now, I am going to catch what's happening ion the main stage--Pete Wernick's Jam Camp--since I will be chatting with Pete a little later about the Telluride brouhaha.

There is just one line so it is not reliable to know when I'll have it, but see you next time.

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