Monday, July 03, 2006

FestivaLink adds Grey Fox

FestivaLink, the paid service for live festival recordings, announced it will offer recordings from the upcoming Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. I have blogged previously with my thoughts about the FestivaLink service, which debuted a few months ago at MerleFest. I think it's a great idea for festivals to make live recordings available for a fee, but I think the price ($15.95 for a single set in FLAC format, $10.95 for MP3) is too high to attract a sizable audience.

Following my earlier post, I exchanged emails with FestivaLink's president, who offered a justification for why the price needed to be so high. I can understand her points, but I continue to believe that the pricing will severely limit the market for an otherwise needed service. I'll say again that I would happily pay $25 for an MP3 three-pack or $99 for all access to recordings from a single festival.

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