Friday, July 14, 2006

Blog has been acting up, may be up now

I lost several posts from earlier, including a nice report from the Danny Barnes workshop. Maybe I will recreate it later. Now here is a quick post from the Darrell Scott, John Cowan, Pat Flynn trio set. I remember asking John Cowan about the trio some months ago, but I forgot how he mentioned they just pulled in a bunch of favorite songs each of them brought. He gave What a Day for a Daydream as an example.

Sure enough, that was the encore, and the set included great stuff like Jackson Brown's Barricades of Heaven and Little Feat's Fat Man in the Bathtub. Darrell Scott is a perfect stand-in for Lowell George, by the way. Also You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, All Along the Watchtower and Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line. Also originals like Scott and Cowan's Six Red Birds.

Pat Flynn talked of the great thing about festivals is meeting people you haven't seen in years as he introduced Bela Fleck's mother and step-father in the audience. No Bela sighting yet, but there is every reason to think he will be here tomorrow. By the way, Abigail Washburn has two gigs scheduled for the morning--what is billed as a solo set at 11 on the main stage and a "Traveling Daughter" workshop at 1 on the Masters Stage with Casey Driessen, Ben Sollee, and Jordan McConnell, who is The Duhks' guitarist.

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