Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday morning with Chatham County Line

After the late start yesterday, I'm getting a break from the Grey Fox scheduling format, where many bands do two main stage sets, either Thursday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday. That means I'm getting a great early show of Chatham County Line, Hot Buttered Rum and Infamous Stringdusters. What fun. The skies are blue and what a day of music to come.

I just enjoyed CCL, which I've only caught in bits and pieces before. Here I saw an uninterrupted set. These four young guys from North Carolina are very appealing. The highlights are Dave Wilson's songs and vocals and John Teer's mandolin and fiddle work. Banjo, guitar and bass fill out the all-acoustic quartet. Several of their songs are about being lonesome for Carolina. They also featured new tunes from their just-released CD Speed of the Whippoorill.

Hot Buttered Rum is just coming up. Back later.

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