Thursday, July 20, 2006

Grey Fox mail list debates Steve Earle

There is lots of post-festival discussion on the Grey Fox listserv of Steve Earle's politics and language in his Saturday night set at Grey Fox. I focused on the political content in my own posts on this blog, but the factor that generated the most complaints was the performer's salty language.

Several of the posters said they shared Earle's political views but were uncomfortable with the use of words such as "motherfucker" at a family festival. Other posters have replied that (1) Earle played in a late-night slot when the kids were in bed, (2) everyone should have known what to expect, (3) Earle sings and writes great bluegrass-style music, and (4) if people didn't like it they were free to leave.

It will come as no surprise that I am in the second camp, though I think it is great that people are speaking up and a dialogue is underway. Here's a photo that may be my one small contribution to the debate.

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