Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strawberry set lists are posted

Steve Zimmerman is the guy who keeps the set list archive at strawberrymusic.com. It's a unique resource for a festival to provide, and it has been immensely helpful to me in covering recent Strawberry festivals. He sent out notice today that set lists from the Spring festival are now available. He gives credit to Marty Lefkowitz and his accomplices at the Hog for collecting all of the set list information during the festival.

Here's a typical entry from the recent festival.

John Hiatt and the Mississippi Allstars
Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 8:17PM - Main Stage
Dallas Dobro Intro (00:00), Perfectly Good Guitar (00:00:03), Buffalo River Home (00:04:33), Like Your Dad Did (00:10:24), Lincoln Town (00:16:32), Cry Love (00:22:33), Master of Disaster (00:29:03), Ain't Ever Going Bak No More (00:36:22), Tiki Bar is Open (00:43:28), Is Anybody There? (00:49:35), Real Fine Love (00:58:03), Lipstick Sunset (01:02:36), Paper Thing (01:07:19), Riding Wth The King (01:12:28), Memphis in the Meantime (01:21:21), Have a Little Faith in Me (01:29:16), Slow Turning (01:34:02)
Performance Title: "John Hiatt and the North Mississippi Allstars" / Artist(s): Chris Chew, Cody Dickenson, Luther Dickenson, John Hiatt

Thanks to Steve, Marty, and everyone who has a hand in the project.

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