Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Report from the hill

Here's a live report from Grey Fox on Wednesday morning. Me, I'm still in sunny California, but will be in the thick of it before the music starts tomorrow. I have hopes that I'll be posting live from the site. I'll be back then.

The following is from Rich Stillman:

Hi Pickinsaute, this is Rich from Lessons on Wheels. Yesterday was
gorgeous, blue skies and not a drop of rain. People came in complaining
about big storms all around us but nothing even threatened here. A front
moved in last night and it looks like we'll have rain for a little
while, but a gentle drizzle, not the gully washers that the Hill is
known for. Once the front passes I think we'll be in for good weather
for at least a couple of days.

Am I a weatherman? No, but I play one on the Internet.

For anyone who wants banjo lessons - come by Lessons on Wheels today if
you think you're going to be too busy to take lessons the rest of the
festival, take one today while there's nothing else going on. As a
special incentive, I'll give $5 off whatever lessons you take today or
tomorrow before the music starts. I'm located in the blue and white
striped tent right between the Slow Jam tent and the Kid's Academy.

See you on the Hill.
Rich Stillman
Lessons on Wheels

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