Tuesday, July 11, 2006

FestivaLink highlights "had-to-be-there moments"

One thing I noticieed in the press release FestivaLink sent out today is the increasing focus on the special moments that occur at festivals. The recordings "capture the spontaneous genius, surprise players, and one-of-a-kind solos that make these live events so special," it says.

"Of particular interest were the Waybacks/Weir and Avett Brothers sets. These “had-to-be-there” moments were so special because it was only the second outing ever of the Waybacks/Weir combination and only a very limited number of performances are planned. The Avett Brothers deliver intense punk rock energy with traditional bluegrass instrumentation. It’s a combination that has made their set FestivaLink's top selling download to date."

I still think FestivaLink's chance of making inroads against tapers is limited by its pricing. But it is true that I would pay a premium for a really special performance.

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