Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Grey Fox weather forecast

With the recent flooding in the East, many people have been concerned about the chances of a washout at Grey Fox. Not to worry, say GF maillist weather experts Gregg and Jackie, who posted the following forecast:

"There have been some minor shifts since the last update, however at this
point the weather for the festival period looks warm to hot with typical
precipitation, no major fronts or low pressure in the immediate area.

"The site crew and folks rolling into line later this week should have
good weather. For the end of this week/weekend, forecast is mostly sunny
with highs in the low 80s during the days, and mostly clear with lows in
the upper 50s at night.

"The 6-10 day outlook for 7/9-7/13 shows normal precipitation and above
normal temps, with low pressure to the east in NE and dry to the south
west of the area. The models are in reasonably good agreement for this
period of time.

"The 8-14 day outlook for 7/11-7/17 shows below normal precipitation and
above normal temps, extending well west of the area (ie this looks good
for days 15 & 16). The models are in good agreement for this period of

Grey Fox old-timers know that rain is always a possibility, however. All you have to know is the lyrics from Tim O'Brien's "Kelly Joe's Shoes," which I'm pretty sure is about Grey Fox:

Today it rained at the bluegrass fest
It was squishy squash through the fields all day
I rinsed 'em out in the cool lake water
I washed that mountain mud away

Attendees are advised to bring a rain slicker, but the best suggestion may be from another list member, Flann O'Brien, who offers: "No need for rubber boots, just go barefoot and wear shorts or somthin similar, then you don't hafta worry bout getting your clothes muddy."

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